Computers Then and Now

  title={Computers Then and Now},
  author={Maurice Vincent Wilkes},
  journal={J. ACM},
Reminiscences on the early developments leading to large scale electronic computers show that it took much longer than was expected for the first of the more ambitious and fully engineered computers to be completed and prove themselves in practical operation. Comments on the present computer field assess the needs for future development. 
An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Sources on the History of Software
  • W. Aspray
  • Sociology
    Annals of the History of Computing
  • 1987
This bibliography is a product of the National Collection Strategy (NCS) program being undertaken by the Charles Babbage Institute, to develop a national collecting strategy for preserving the historic records of computing.
On the structure and control of commands
A command control language is described, which makes it possible to construct sequences or commands to be issued to the currently active command environment from a program.
Quantum computing: A measurement and analysis review
Observations on executing basic quantum operations that play a vital role in quantum computing are presented which can be a reference point for the community in general engaged in designing of quantum circuits, protocols, algorithms, and quantum hardware to leverage quantum characteristics and properties.
A 2.1 KHz Zero-Knowledge Processor with BubbleRAM
This work specifies a zero-knowledge processor that executes arbitrary programs written in a simple instruction set, and proves in ZK the correctness of the execution, and proposes several novel ZK improvements that make the approach concretely efficient.
Compiler Error Messages Considered Unhelpful: The Landscape of Text-Based Programming Error Message Research
A comprehensive, historical and state-of-the-art report on research in the area, synthesise and present the existing evidence for these messages including the difficulties they present and their effectiveness, and makes the bibtex file of the 300+ reference corpus publicly available.
Splash, pop, sizzle: Information processing with phononic computing
Phonons, the quanta of mechanical vibration, are important to the transport of heat and sound in solid materials. Recent advances in the fundamental control of phonons (phononics) have brought into
Principled software microengineering
Sound and noisy light: Optical control of phonons in photoswitchable structures
We present a means of controlling phonons via optical tuning. Taking as a model an array of photoresponsive materials (photoswitches) embedded in a matrix, we numerically analyze the vibrational
Scalable abstractions for general-purpose parallel computation
This thesis demonstrates the essential aspects of a scalable general-purpose model of parallel computation by proposing a Universal Parallel Architecture (UPA), based on a highly-connected communication network, and a high-level parallel programming language for it called sire that can be compiled using simple techniques.
Unconventional Arithmetic: A System for Computation Using Action Potentials
This paper examines a scheme to perform arithmetic and logic computation using time delays inspired by neuronal Action Potentials. The method is reliant on a simple abstraction which utilises very