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Computerized password verification system and method for ATM transactions

  title={Computerized password verification system and method for ATM transactions},
The present invention relates to a computer system and associated cryptographic checksum method for forcing the transaction in the user ATM cash withdrawal or other terminal identification and reporting imposed caution. System of the invention using conventional ATM hardware, including a card reader, keypad and display, and the required transaction processing related operations and communications software, and further comprising receiving a transaction password (TAP) to generate and display the… 

SafePass: Authentication under duress for ATM transactions

This paper introduces SafePass, a new panic password scheme that can be easily deployed over the ATM infrastructure and special attention is given from the usability perspective as it would be extremely valuable for large scale proliferation.

A review on security and reporting mechanisms for coerced cash withdrawal from ATM

The existing security mechanisms for a duress or coerced cash withdrawal from ATM are reviewed along with a brief discussion on various types of logical or physical attacks on ATM’s security system.

Duress detection for authentication attacks against multiple administrators

This work designs and implements a duress-resistant authentication system that can be used by any number of administrators and users, and is compatible with existing authentication systems, and can be implemented as an augmentation of their capabilities that does not require modification of their internals.

Panic Passwords: Authenticating under Duress

This work shows that the well-known model of giving a user two passwords, a 'regular' and a 'panic' password, is susceptible to iteration and forced-randomization attacks, and is secure only within a very narrow threat model.

Democracy Enhancing Technologies: Toward deployable and incoercible E2E elections

This dissertation examines deployability, coercion-resistance, and their intersection in election systems, and proposes and studies new practical primitives for random beacons, secret printing, and panic passwords.