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Computerized imaging techniques for fish tracking in behavioural studies

  title={Computerized imaging techniques for fish tracking in behavioural studies},
  author={Sonia Duarte Ortega and Joan Oca Baradad and Lourdes Reig Puig and Rosa Flos Bassols},
Fish Monitoring and Sizing Using Computer Vision
An image processing algorithm, based in a non invasive 3D optical stereo system and the use of computer vision techniques, to study fish in fish tanks or pools is proposed.
Automatic Fish Segmentation on Vertical Slot Fishways Using SOM Neural Networks
Artificial Neural Networks have been used to detect fishes using visual information sampled by an underwater camera system using a ground true dataset and different approaches tested providing promising results.
Detection of Fishes in Turbulent Waters Based on Image Analysis
A SOM neural network is used to detect fishes in images from an underwater camera system built in a vertical slot fishway, an hydraulic structure built in obstructions in rivers to allow the upstream migration of fishes.
Natural and Artificial Computation in Engineering and Medical Applications
An Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for solving the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows is proposed and results are presented on a benchmark that generalizes Solomon’s classical benchmark with varying degrees of dynamicity and different variants, including pheromone preservation and the min-max ant system.
Optical Fish Trajectory Measurement in Fishways through Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks
Vertical slot fishways are hydraulic structures that allow the upstream migration of fish through obstructions in rivers. The appropriate design of a vertical slot fishway depends on the interplay
Optical Fish Tracking in Fishways using Neural Networks
This paper puts forward a Computer Vision based algorithm to analyze fish trajectories in high turbulence conditions in artificial structures called vertical slot fishways, designed to allow the upstream migration of fish through obstructions in rivers.