Computerized Calculation of Mitotic Count Distribution in Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumor Sections: Mitotic Count Is Area Dependent

  title={Computerized Calculation of Mitotic Count Distribution in Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumor Sections: Mitotic Count Is Area Dependent},
  author={C. Bertram and M. Aubreville and C. Gurtner and A. Bartel and S. Corner and M. Dettwiler and O. Kershaw and E. Noland and A. Schmidt and D. Sledge and R. Smedley and T. Thaiwong and M. Kiupel and A. Maier and R. Klopfleisch},
  journal={Veterinary Pathology},
  pages={214 - 226}
Mitotic count (MC) is an important element for grading canine cutaneous mast cell tumors (ccMCTs) and is determined in 10 consecutive high-power fields with the highest mitotic activity. However, there is variability in area selection between pathologists. In this study, the MC distribution and the effect of area selection on the MC were analyzed in ccMCTs. Two pathologists independently annotated all mitotic figures in whole-slide images of 28 ccMCTs (ground truth). Automated image analysis… Expand
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