Computer start-up of a cold Soderberg potline

  title={Computer start-up of a cold Soderberg potline},
  author={Nelson Dub{\'e} and Luden J. Larouche and Yves Lem{\'e}e},
  • Nelson Dubé, Luden J. Larouche, Yves Lemée
  • Published 1989
  • Engineering
  • ABSTRACT The first phase of a Soderberg cell start-up consists in raising the amperage up to full line load and melting down the metal pad until the anode is free. The molten metal pad is then heated up over a long period from a temperature of approximately 660 °C to around 950 °C. This is done by increasing the resistance of the cell, normally by using manual controls. This operation requires constant attention, to ensure a gradual and continuous resistance increase, and to prevent high… CONTINUE READING

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