Computer-guided microsurgery: surgical evaluation of a telerobotic arm.


A new telerobotic arm was evaluated in different microsurgical procedures. The system consisted of a robotic arm bearing a microsurgical forceps controlled by a joystick-like master unit operated by the surgeon's hand. The robotic arm functioned as an operating as well as assisting instrument. Advantages of the system were its precise functioning, which was especially important when tissue or instruments had to be held for a longer period of time, as well as its ability to replace an assisting person to some extent. Deficiencies of the system were its 10-min startup, the spatial conflict with in the operative field, and the poor rotation of the robotic tip. In some procedures, the telerobotic arm could replace the standard microsurgical instrument guided by the surgeon's second hand; in other maneuvers it could function as the surgeon's third hand with precision and void of tremor.

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