Computer database of ambulatory EEG signals.

  title={Computer database of ambulatory EEG signals.},
  author={Prasanna Jayakar and E W Brusse and J P Patrick and Ed Shwedyk and Shashi S Seshia},
  journal={Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={66 1},
The paper describes an ambulatory EEG database. The database contains segments of AEEGs done on 45 subjects. Each epoch (1/8th second or more) of AEEG data has been annotated into 1 of 40 classes. The classes represent background activity, paroxysmal patterns and artifacts. The majority of classes have over 200 discrete epochs. The structure is flexible enough to allow additional epochs to be readily added. The database is stored on transportable media such as digital magnetic tape or hard disk… CONTINUE READING