Computer based assessment: Gender differences in perceptions and acceptance


This study identifies the constructs that affect male and female students' behavioural intention to use a computer based assessment (CBA). It extends the Computer Based Assessment Acceptance Model (CBAAM) (Terzis & Economides, 2011) by taking into consideration the genders. An appropriate survey questionnaire was completed by 56 male and 117 female students. Results indicate that both genders are more likely to use the CBA if it is playful and its content is clear and relative to the course. Men are also motivated by their perceptions regarding how much useful the CBA is. Also, their attitude towards the CBA is influenced by their social environment. On the other side, women are more likely to use the CBA if it is easy to use and stimulates their efforts for better final exam preparation. The CBAAM incorporating genders explains approximately 50% of the variance of behavioural intention for each gender. These findings are useful for researchers and practitioners in order to understand better the different constructs that affect each gender regarding the acceptance of a CBA system.

DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2011.06.005

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