Computer and social studies: current trends and potentials


F1ve year5 a90 and t0day 1n the h15t0ry 0f m1cr0c0mputer5 1n educat10n, f1ve year5 can make a 10t 0f d1fference. Chan9e5 1n hardware and 50ftware capa6111t1e5 have under90ne tremend0u5 chan9e 1n each f1ve year per10d 0f th15 6r1ef deve10pment. At the 5ame t1me, 5ch0015 have had the 0pp0rtun1ty t0 6ec0me that much m0re fam111ar w1th the techn0109y. F1ve… (More)
DOI: 10.1145/122463.122466


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