Computer Science in Sport

  title={Computer Science in Sport},
  author={Hristo Novatchkov and Arnold Baca},
INTRODUCTION Information technologies (ITs) as well as applied informatics have been introduced in many research areas, in which they are by now well-established. One such area is sport, where the integration of informatics plays a significant factor for various purposes like, for instance, the analysis and enhancement of the training, coaching and competition processes. 
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Advances in Sports Informatics Research

The growing field of applied computer science often referred to as “sports informatics” is presented, and some of the advancements that have been made by its relatively small, but growing research community are considered.

Pervasive Computing in Sport

The concept of disappearing hardware has been developed, where computers are hidden from the users perceptions through the use of sensors that are capable of converting physical events to equivalent electrical signals and transmitting them to a central computer.

Using Technology to Evaluate Game Play for Beginners and Proficient Players That Encompasses Game-Play Evaluation

  • P. O'Donoghue
  • Education
    Research quarterly for exercise and sport
  • 2016
Article published in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport on 19 July 2016, available at:

The Research on Reconfiguration of Theory and Practice of PE Curriculum

Reconstruction of PE curriculum must be based on the new curriculum ideas to optimize the various elements of the curriculum, convergence and integration, so that the courses to achieve the overall



Sport Informatics - Historical Roots, Interdisciplinarity and Future Developments

The genesis of sport informatics in Germany is looked at, the interdisciplinary relation between computer science and sport science is discussed, its development up to the year 2020 is forecast and four types of cooperation are classified.

Application of Service Oriented Software Architectures in Sports: Team Training Optimization in Cycling

A software approach based on a service oriented architecture is presented that supports dynamic integration of heterogeneous devices in a sports-specific environment.

Development of the expert system for sport talents detection

An expert system for the evaluation of young sport talents based on the knowledge of ten human sport experts, various tests of motoric abilities are quantized according to their importance for chosen set of sports.

Dynamic Pattern Recognition in Sport by Means of Artificial Neural Networks

The contribution presents some basic ideas of neural network approaches and several examples of application to give an impression of how neural methods can be used especially in the field of Sport.

A Server-Based Mobile Coaching System

A prototype system for monitoring, transmitting and processing performance data in sports for the purpose of providing feedback has been developed and experts are able to analyze the athlete’s performance and return individual feedback messages from remote locations.

Training- and Contest-scheduling in Endurance Sports by Means of Course Profiles and PerPot-based Analysis

In the following, some of those impacts are exemplarily discussed for the case of running: delayed reaction on periodically changed speed on plain ground, and heart rate profile.

Computerized optimization of sports motions: An overview of possibilities, methods and recent developments

Methods already in use make possible the determination of an athlete's segmental, muscular and articular parameter values which define his biomechanical profile and the optimal form of a specific motion can be found for the athlete under consideration.