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Computer Game Studies, Year One

  title={Computer Game Studies, Year One},
  author={Espen Aarseth},
  journal={Game Stud.},
The barriers to the preservation of digital games: questions on cultural significance
The barriers to the preservation of digital games in relation to their status as a new cultural phenomenon, their relationship to traditional institutions, and perceptions of their value in terms of selection policies for preservation are examined.
Trouble awaits the scholar who decides to study movie adaptations of videogames – or, as they are more commonly called, ‘videogame adaptations’. Literary and post-literary biases, an unfriendly
What Game Narrative Are We Talking About? An Ontological Mapping of the Foundational Canon of Interactive Narrative Forms
A two-dimensional mapping along the dimensions of media specificity and user agency is introduced, a way to visualize different ontological positions on “narrative” in the context of game narrative and other interactive narrative forms.
On the Expanding Ludosphere
Background. Taking Klabbers’ call for a coherent game science as a starting point, we argue for an alternative way to approach the multidisciplinarity of research into games. Aim. Building on game
The Subject and the Form : Inquiries into Formal Analysis
The distinction between games-as-object and games-as-process, as discussed already by Avedon (1971, p. 419), explored by Juul (2005, p. 43-44), and explicitly established as different research
The Pyrrhic Victory of Game Studies
Although game studies are widely viewed as an interdisciplinary field, it is unclear how interdisciplinary they actually are. In response, this article reads scientometric data and game studies
De-framing video games from the light of cinema
In this essay, we shall try to step back from a blinding cinema-centric approach in order to examine the impact such a framing has caused, to question its limitations, and to reflect on the
Toward a Unified Theory of Digital Games
The proposed theory distinguishes game mechanics from narrative mechanics, stories told by the developers through the game, stories that emerge from gameplay and players’ interpretations of game stories, and may provide a basis for a general theory of digital games.