Computed tomography with normal chest radiograph in tuberculous infection.

  title={Computed tomography with normal chest radiograph in tuberculous infection.},
  author={Christophe Delacourt and Tang Murali Mani and V. Bonnerot and Jacques de Blic and N Sayeg and Dominique Lallemand and Pierre Scheinmann},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={69 4},
Children with primary tuberculosis infection without disease must be identified and treated preventively to avoid an increase in the incidence of tuberculosis in children. However, the recognition of infected cases without disease is often difficult. In particular, minimal active disease may be present in many cases but unrecognised on chest radiography. Computed tomography was therefore performed in 15 children with tuberculous infection and a normal chest radiograph to measure the size of… CONTINUE READING