Computed tomography scanning and delirium in elder patients.

  title={Computed tomography scanning and delirium in elder patients.},
  author={Bruce J. Naughton and Mar{\'i}a Sc{\'a}pola Mor{\'a}n and Y Ghaly and C Michalakes},
  journal={Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine},
  volume={4 12},
OBJECTIVE 1) To examine the ordering of head CT scans in elder patients with delirium and cognitive impairment; and 2) to report CT scan findings associated with these conditions. METHODS This was a 2-part study. Part 1 was a prospective, observational study of 560 adults > 70 years of age evaluated at 3 separate EDs using a 200-hour stratified sampling process at each ED. During Part 1, the frequencies of specific findings (i.e., delirium, impaired consciousness, and impaired cognition) and… CONTINUE READING
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