Computed tomography of pineal, parapineal, and histologically related tumors.

  title={Computed tomography of pineal, parapineal, and histologically related tumors.},
  author={Robert A. Zimmerman and Larissa T. Bilaniuk and James H. Wood and Derek Andrew Bruce and Lawrence Schut},
  volume={137 3},
Thirty-one of 32 pineal and related tumors were diagnosed by computed tomography (CT). There were 7 germinomas, 4 primary pineal tumors, 4 embryonal cell carcinomas, one teratoma, one epidermoid, one primitive neuroectodermal tumor, 8 astrocytomas and 6 lipomas. Histologic confirmation was obtained in 22. The CT characteristics allow differentiation of benign tumors such as teratomas and epidermoids from malignant germinal lesions such as germinoma and embryonal cell carcinoma. Abnormal… CONTINUE READING
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