Computed tomography in the evaluation of postoperative maxillary cysts.

  title={Computed tomography in the evaluation of postoperative maxillary cysts.},
  author={Milica Pe and Kazuo Sano and Akira Kitamura and Tsugio Inokuchi},
  journal={Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery : official journal of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons},
  volume={48 7},
Twenty-two cases (34 sides) of postoperative maxillary cysts evaluated with axial and coronal computed tomograms were reviewed. Precise characteristics pertaining to the extent of maxillary sinus involvement, loculation, presence of septae, bony perforation, and associated cystic projection or extension into adjacent structures were determined. Of the 34 sides, 13 cysts involved the sinus completely. Twelve were multilocular. Thirteen exhibited incomplete septae. Perforations were most frequent… CONTINUE READING

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