Computed tomography in the evaluation of Crohn disease.

  title={Computed tomography in the evaluation of Crohn disease.},
  author={Henry Goldberg and Richard M. Gore and Alexander R. Margulis and Albert A. Moss and Edward L. Baker},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={140 2},
The abdominal and pelvic computed tomographic examinations in 28 patients with Crohn disease were analyzed and correlated with conventional barium studies, sinograms, and surgical findings. Mucosal abnormalities such as aphthous lesions, pseudopolyps, and ulcerations were only imaged by conventional techniques. Computed tomography proved superior in demonstrating the mural, serosal, and mesenteric abnormalities such as bowel wall thickening (82%), fibrofatty proliferation of mesenteric fat (39… CONTINUE READING
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