Computationally efficient MIP formulation and algorithms for European day-ahead electricity market auctions

  title={Computationally efficient MIP formulation and algorithms for European day-ahead electricity market auctions},
  author={Mehdi Madani and Mathieu Van Vyve},
  journal={Eur. J. Oper. Res.},

A MIP framework for non-convex uniform price day-ahead electricity auctions

A new primal-dual framework for these auctions is proposed, which has applications in both economic analysis and algorithm design, and the first MILP formulations of optimization problems such as the maximization of the traded volume, or the minimization of opportunity costs of paradoxically rejected block bids are given.

A primal-dual framework for non-convex day-ahead electricity auctions with uniform prices

It is well-known that a market equilibrium with uniform prices often does not exist in non-convex day-ahead electricity auctions. We consider the case of the new PanEuropean day-ahead electricity

Revisiting minimum profit conditions in uniform price day-ahead electricity auctions

Convex Hull, IP and European Electricity Pricing in a European Power Exchanges setting with efficient computation of Convex Hull Prices

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With the emerging deregulated electricity markets, a part of the electricity trading takes place in day-ahead markets where producers and retailers place bids in order to maximize their profit. We

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The computation of market equilibria is a fundamental and practically relevant problem. Although we know the computational complexity and the types of price functions necessary for combinatorial

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List of Results and Fallacies. Preface. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Symbols. Part 1: Power Market Fundamentals. Prologue. Why Deregulate? What to Deregulate. Pricing Power, Energy, and Capacity.