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Computationally Intelligent Retrieval of Images Bases on the Actual Image Contents

  title={Computationally Intelligent Retrieval of Images Bases on the Actual Image Contents},
  author={Rehan Ashraf},
The images serve as a significant format for human communications and they deliver a rich amount of information for people to understand the digital world. With wide spread use of internet and availability of the digital imaging techniques, more and more images are accessible to the world. As a result, efficient image indexing and retrieval has grown exponentially. The current form of image retrieval is based on the textual annotations that are used to describe the image content; but in today’s… 


Content Based Image Retrieval: Survey
Most popular algorithms of feature extraction and relevance feedback that try to bridge extracted low level features and features with high level semantics gap from image are discussed.
Content-based Image Retrieval: Feature Extraction Techniques and Applications
Difficulties faced by text-based image retrieval brought the researchers to develop new solutions to represent and index visual information, called Content-Based Image Retrieval.
A picture is worth a thousand words : content-based image retrieval techniques
A novel paradigm called ‘artificial imagination’ is proposed, which gives the retrieval system the power to imagine and think along with the user in terms of what she is looking for, and a new user interface for visualizing and exploring image collections is introduced.
Image retrieval using visual attention
The use of computational models of visual attention to detect salient by design regions of interest in images is investigated and a content-based method of retrieving images using a computational model ofvisual attention was proposed, implemented, and evaluated.
Content based image retrieval techniques – Issues , analysis and the state of the art
The paper addresses and analyses challenges & issues of CBIR techniques/systems, evolved during recent years covering various methods for segmentation; edge, boundary, region, color, texture, and shape based feature extraction; object detection and identification.
Blobworld: Image Segmentation Using Expectation-Maximization and Its Application to Image Querying
Results indicating that querying for images using Blobworld produces higher precision than does querying using color and texture histograms of the entire image in cases where the image contains distinctive objects are presented.
An ontology approach to object-based image retrieval
The proposed approach bridges the gap between keyword-based approaches, which assume the existence of rich image captions or require manual evaluation and annotation of every image of the collection, and query-by-example approaches,Which assume that the user queries for images similar to one that already is at his disposal.
A Universal Model for Content-Based Image Retrieval
A novel approach for generalized image retrieval based on semantic contents is presented, a combination of three feature extraction methods namely color, texture, and edge histogram descriptor, developed based on greedy strategy.
Relevance feedback: a power tool for interactive content-based image retrieval
A relevance feedback based interactive retrieval approach that effectively takes into account the subjectivity of human perception of visual content and the gap between high-level concepts and low-level features in CBIR.