Computational thinking

  title={Computational thinking},
  author={Jeannette M. Wing},
  journal={Communications of the ACM},
  pages={33 - 35}
  • Jeannette M. Wing
  • Published 1 March 2006
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Communications of the ACM
It represents a universally applicable attitude and skill set everyone, not just computer scientists, would be eager to learn and use. 
Developing a learning goal framework for computational thinking in computationally integrated physics classrooms
ions The ability to conceptualize and then represent an idea or a process in more general terms by foregrounding the important aspects of the idea while backgrounding less important features. Shute
International Journal of Instruction
In this paper the challenge of promoting computational thinking for all by contextualized computing education is addressed. The two phases learning session we designed was implemented in the
Investigation of Computational Thinking in the Context of ICT and Mobile Technologies
It was determined that students’ computational thinking skills differed according to their internet experience, mobile device experience,Mobile internet experience and period of daily mobile internet use, while no differences were found based on computer experience, the number of times they checked their mobile devices a day and purpose of mobile device usage.
Level of Computational Thinking Skills among Secondary Science Student : Variation across Gender and Mathematics Achievement
INTRODUCTION In the 21st century, we would argue that every country wants to create a society that can solve problems by thinking critically, creatively, and innovatively. As a result, many countries
Using Lego Mindstorms Robotics Programming in Enhancing Computational Thinking among Middle School in Saudi Arabia
DOI: 10.37200/IJPR/V24I5/PR2020243 Received: 14 Mar 2020 | Revised: 30 Mar 2020 | Accepted: 06 Apr 2020 5367 Abstract--The study employed will employ LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 robotics in the learning
Uso de SCRATCH en el aprendizaje de Programación en Educación Superior
In recent years, the term computational thinking and Scratch programming language have broken into the teaching stage, primarily at the level of elementary and high school education. However, there
Computational thinking development and assessment through tabletop escape games
This paper strives to evaluate tabletop escape games as a potential tool to develop CT as a competency among K-12 learners and the assessment of its effectiveness in achieving the learning outcomes.
Developing computer networks students’ computationalthinking: the case for the use of simulation software
From this study it is recommendable that simulation software be used to facilitate the application and development of students’ CT skills.
Exploring Saudi Computer Science Teachers’ Conceptual Mastery Level of Computational Thinking Skills
Abstract The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia implemented a new computer science curriculum in 2008. There was speculation that many computer science teachers did not possess sufficient