Computational thinking

  title={Computational thinking},
  author={Jeannette M. Wing},
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It represents a universally applicable attitude and skill set everyone, not just computer scientists, would be eager to learn and use. 

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If we are not careful, our fascination with "computational thinking" may lead us back into the trap we are trying to escape.

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In this article, the context for three Initial Learning Environments Alice, Greenfoot, and Scratch is set and historical antecedents, technical comparators and design approaches are considered.

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This paper aims to change computing teaching to improve computer science by proposing and implementing a new approach to curriculum design and pedagogical practices.

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Addressing its cognitive essence, universal value, and curricular practices is a central challenge of the next generation of teachers.

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Drawing on methods from diverse disciplines---including computer science, education, sociology, and psychology---to improve computing education.

The profession of ITComputing's paradigm

Trying to categorize computing as engineering, science, or math is fruitless; the authors have their own paradigm and each paradigm has its own paradigm.

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In this ninth piece to the Ubiquity symposium discussing What is computation? Alfred V. Aho shares his views about the importance of computational thinking in answering the question. --Editor

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Incorporating data thinking into computer science education.



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