Computational evidence of first extensive usage of violet in the 1860s

  title={Computational evidence of first extensive usage of violet in the 1860s},
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Tyrian, True, Royal, or Real: Archaeological Assumptions about the Roman Murex Dye Industry

abstract:Ancient writers left detailed accounts about the Roman-period murex dye market. These descriptions and recipes reveal what Romans preferred by way of ingredients, pigment extraction methods,

A Review on the Archaeological Chemistry of Shellfish Purple

Shellfish purple, also known as Tyrian purple and royal purple, has a long history, which has been revealed and documented in recent years through valid physicochemical studies using sophisticated

The Linguistic Field of Colour Terms in French

1.1. Structuralists often chose colour terms to exemplify their hypothesis that our perception of the world is affected by the structure of our mother tongues. Colour terminologies certainly seem to

Why Was the Color Violet Rarely Used by Artists before the 1860s?

Although the color violet is now used in a wide variety of everyday products, ranging from toys to clothing to cars, and although it now appears commonly in artistic works, violet was rarely used in

Russett, Rose, and Raspberry: The Development of English Secondary Color Terms

English simplex secondary color terms such as russett and rose first entered the language in the late Middle English period (1350–1500). All were innovated by means of the ontological metonymy