Computational damage mechanics of electromigration and thermomigration

  title={Computational damage mechanics of electromigration and thermomigration},
  author={Wei Yao and Cemal Basaran},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
  • W. YaoC. Basaran
  • Published 12 September 2013
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Applied Physics
Reliability of solder joints under Electromigration (EM) and Thermomigration (TM) has drawn increasing attention in recent years, however current understanding regarding degradation physics of solder alloys under time varying current loading is still quite limited. As most integrated circuit (IC) connectors carry Pulse Direct Current/AC signals under normal operating condition instead of DC, investigation of EM/TM failure under time varying current becomes essential. In this paper, detailed… 

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The general purpose computational model proves to be a useful tool for quantifying damage in nanoelectronics interconnects for coupled electromigration and thermo-mechanical stress evolution.

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