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Computational category theory

  title={Computational category theory},
  author={David E. Rydeheard and Rod M. Burstall},
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Describing systems of processes by means of high-level replacement
In this chapter, the formal model takes advantage of comma-category approach allowing to change both the structure of graph and the contents of nodes consistently and to treat different graph structures as well as different labelling mechanisms in a uniform way.
A multi-hierarchical symbolic model of the environment for improving mobile robot operation
El trabajo desarrollado en esta tesis se centra en el estudio y aplicacion de estructuras multijerarquicas, que representan el entorno de un robot movil, con el objetivo de mejorar su capacidad de
Graph Transformation by Computational Category Theory
  • M. Minas, H. Schneider
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Graph Transformations and Model-Driven Engineering
  • 2010
This work presents an implementation of some categorical definitions and constructions of graph transformation concepts in Java and demonstrates how this language supports the genericity of the categorical approach.
Suitability of Programming Languages for Categorical Databases
Five well known programming languages are examined, from a selection of programming paradigms, and the DAPLEX functional database language is examined, in order to determine the most suitable language for implementing the prototype data model.
Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics
A Framework for the Formalisation of Pi Calculus Type Systems in Isabelle/HOL and a Practical Approach to Formal Interoperability are presented.
Using a Logical and Categorical Approach for the Validation of Fault-Tolerant Systems
We propose a categorical and logical formalism and apply it in order to compositionally specify and verify the fault-tolerance mechanisms of the Modulor system. We claim that our approach is
The category of simple graphs is coreflective in the comma category of groups under the free group functor
We show that the comma category (F ↓ Grp) of groups under the free group functor F : Set → Grp contains the category Gph of simple graphs as a full coreflective subcategory. More broadly, we
Open Petri nets
Two forms of semantics for open Petri nets are described using symmetric monoidal double functors out of pen(Petri), including an operational semantics and a reachability semantics that simply says which markings of the outputs can be reached from a given marking of the inputs.
Petri nets based on Lawvere theories
  • Jade Master
  • Computer Science
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  • 2020
This definition of Q-net is functorial with respect to change in Lawvere theory, and it is shown how this can be used to construct the semantics for Petri nets, pre-nets, integer nets, and elementary net systems.
Categorical properties of M-indiscernibility spaces