Computational analysis of Thr203 isomerization in green fluorescent protein.

  title={Computational analysis of Thr203 isomerization in green fluorescent protein.},
  author={Amy J. Warren and Marc Zimmer},
  journal={Journal of molecular graphics & modelling},
  volume={19 3-4},
Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is an extensively used fluorescent tag. Photoisomerization between two spectroscopically distinct states in wild-type GFP is responsible for its two visible absorption bands at 398 nm (A) and 475 nm (B). We have used molecular mechanics and database analysis to support the suggestion of other researchers that the anionic form of the GFP chromophore is responsible for the B absorption band, while the phenol form is responsible for band A. The anionic (-Otyr, Nimid… CONTINUE READING

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