Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond

  title={Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond},
  author={J. Leeuwen and A. Kakas and F. Sadri and R. Kowalski},
  booktitle={Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
  • J. Leeuwen, A. Kakas, +1 author R. Kowalski
  • Published in
    Lecture Notes in Computer…
  • Computer Science
  • In this paper we introduce MuTACLP, a knowledge representation language which provides facilities for modeling and handling temporal information, together with some basic operators for combining different temporal knowledge bases. The proposed approach stems from two separate lines of research: the general studies on meta-level operators on logic programs introduced by Brogi et al. [7,9] and Temporal Annotated Constraint Logic Programming (TACLP) defined by Frühwirth [15]. In MuTACLP atoms are… CONTINUE READING
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