Computational Linguistics in Medicine

  • Carl W . Welin
  • Published 2002


The convening of an international conference on Computational Linguistics in Medicine and the substantive results reported in many of the papers in this volume of Conference Proceedings testify to the special relevance of research in computational linguistics to the problem of processing medical information. While no discipline, even the most mathematically oriented, escapes a dependence on language to record and transmit its findings, medicine relies for its daily operations on the ability of its practitioners to draw upon information in natural language form, both patient data and the medical knowledge relevant to treatment. Given the diversity and complexity of the problems that are handled, and the vast store of medical knowledge that must be remembered or consulted as part of the treatment process, it is no wonder that medicine is one of the first fields to seek computer aids for accessing and processing natural language information. The purpose of this conference was to explore whether developments in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence have something to contribute to this problem.

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