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Computational-Experimental Investigation of a Fission Thermal Probe in TREAT

  title={Computational-Experimental Investigation of a Fission Thermal Probe in TREAT},
  author={Nima Fathi and Patrick Mcdaniel and Nicolas Woolstenhulme and Cassiano de Oliveira and Lance A. Hone and Joshua Daw},
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The development of nuclear fuels requires unsteady/transient testing for design process and qualification under postulated accident conditions. Breach, rupture, fracture, melting, and other fuel failure modes may occur during the use of nuclear fuels or when they are exposed to extreme overpower conditions. Therefore, it is crucial for the fuel to retain reasonable structural integrity and coolable geometry. The experimental facility of Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) was designed and… 



Baseline Assessment of TREAT for Modeling and Analysis Needs

TREAT is an air-cooled, graphite moderated, thermal, heterogeneous test facility designed to evaluate reactor fuels and structural materials under conditions simulating various types of nuclear

Narrowing transient testing pulse widths to enhance LWR RIA experiment design in the TREAT facility

Thermal Conductivity of Magnesium Oxide From Absolute, Steady-State Measurements

The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline magnesium oxide has been measured over the temperature range from 400 K to 1300 K using a modified guarded-hot-plate design and the results agree well with literature values for this material.

Thermophysical Properties of Matter: TPRC Data Series Vol

  • 2, Plenum Press, New York
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Developments in theoretical and applied mechanics