Computational Analysis and Modeling Techniques for Monolithic Membrane Reactors Related to CO2 Free Power Processes Selimovic, Faruk

  title={Computational Analysis and Modeling Techniques for Monolithic Membrane Reactors Related to CO2 Free Power Processes Selimovic, Faruk},
  author={Faruk Selimovic},
  • Faruk Selimovic
  • Published 2007
Funded by European Community and Swiss government research project AZEP (Advanced Zero Emission Power Plant), the project was carried out at the Department of Energy Sciences at Lund Faculty of Engineering (LTH). The project addressed the development of a specific, zero emissions, gas turbine-based, power generation process to reduce local and global emissions in a cost-effective way. In this project a unique monolith heat and mass exchanger reactor with an oxygen permeable membrane was… CONTINUE READING


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