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Computation of the quantum effects due to a four-dimensional pseudoparticle

  title={Computation of the quantum effects due to a four-dimensional pseudoparticle},
  author={Gerard ’t Hooft},
A detailed quantitative calculation is carried out of the tunneling process described by the Belavin-PolyakovSchwarz-Tyupkin field configuration. A certain chiral symmetry is violated as a consequence of the AdlerBell-Jackie anomaly. The collective motions of the pseudoparticle and all contributions from single loops of scalar, spinor, and vector fields are taken into account. The result is an effective interaction Lagrangian for the spinors. 
Quantum loop expansion to high orders, extended Borel summation, and comparison with exact results.
It is found that there are exponentially small corrections to the loop expansion, which cannot be explained by any obvious "instanton"-type corrections and is found to be surprising and puzzling.
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