Computation of Noise from the Internal Flow in a Centrifugal Fan

  title={Computation of Noise from the Internal Flow in a Centrifugal Fan},
  author={Yang Guo and Chisachi Kato and Yoshinobu Yamade and Yutaka Ohta and Taku Hitachinaka Iwase and Ryo Takayama},
The noise generated from a centrifugal fan has significant efects on the environment around the fan. Prediction of the noise using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational aero-acoustics (CAA) wil be helpful to find the mechanism of the noise and provide detailed noise information for the design or optimization of a centrifugal fan. In the present paper, CAA was used to compute the sound, in which the sound propagation equation of Lighthil was solved with source term from CFD and… CONTINUE READING

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