Computation of Catalan's constant using Ramanujan's formula

  title={Computation of Catalan's constant using Ramanujan's formula},
  author={G. Fee},
  booktitle={ISSAC '90},
  • G. Fee
  • Published in ISSAC '90 1990
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
We have used some formulas due to Ramanujan for the multiple precision computation of Catalan's constant <italic>C</italic> = 0.915 ··· . The algorithm has been implemented in Maple and <italic>C</italic> has been computed to 20,000 decimal places. The resulting program is very simple yet efficient. It computes <italic>N</italic> digits of C in &Ogr;(<italic>N</italic><supscrpt>2</supscrpt>) time and &Ogr;(<italic>N</italic>) space. 
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