Computable Analysis: An Introduction

  title={Computable Analysis: An Introduction},
  author={Klaus Weihrauch},
  journal={Computable Analysis},
  • K. Weihrauch
  • Published 12 March 2014
  • Education
  • Computable Analysis
Merging fundamental concepts of analysis and recursion theory to a new exciting theory, this book provides a solid fundament for studying various aspects of computability and complexity in analysis. It is the result of an introductory course given for several years and is written in a style suitable for graduate-level and senior students in computer science and mathematics. Many examples illustrate the new concepts while numerous exercises of varying difficulty extend the material and stimulate… 

On the complexity of real functions

  • M. Braverman
  • Mathematics
    46th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS'05)
  • 2005
We establish a new connection between the two most common traditions in the theory of real computation, the Blum-Shub-Smale model and the computable analysis approach. We then use the connection to

Notions of computability at higher types I

An extended survey of the different strands of research on higher type computability to date is given, bringing together material from recursion theory, constructive logic and computer science.

Computational Complexity Theory for Advanced Function Spaces in Analysis

This PhD thesis presents progress in the search for a mathematical rigorous framework for efficient numerics of partial differential equations based on a realistic machine model and explores the general restrictions of bounded-time computations on metric spaces within the framework of second-order representations.

Generalizing Computability Theory to Abstract Algebras

A survey of work over the last four decades on generalizations of computability theory to many-sorted algebras and generalized Church-Turing theses is presented.

Real Analytic Machines and Degrees: A Topological View on Algebraic Limiting Computation

The capabilities and limitations of three models of real computation: BSS machines, real-RAM machines and strongly/weakly analytic machines as introduced by Hotz et al. (1995) are studied and compared.

Quantitative continuity and computable analysis in Coq

A number of formal proofs of theorems from the field of computable analysis are given that the algebraic operations and the efficient limit operator on the reals are computable, and that certain countably infinite products are isomorphic to spaces of functions.

Theoretical Computer Science: Computability, Decidability and Logic

This chapter deals with a question in the very core of IA: what can be computed by a machine? An agreement has been reached on the answer brought by Alan Turing in 1936. Indeed, all other proposed

Computable Procedures for Fields

This tutorial will introduce listeners to many questions that can be asked about computable processes on fields, and will present the answers that are known, sometimes with proofs. This is not

The basic feasible functionals in computable analysis




Type 2 Recursion Theory

  • K. Weihrauch
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 1985

Complexity Theory of Real Functions

  • K. Ko
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Progress in Theoretical Computer Science
  • 1991
" polynomial complexity theory extends the notions and tools of the theory of computability to provide a solid theoretical foundation for the study of computational complexity of practical problems.

Mathematical theory of domains

The Hemaspaandra-Ogihara book is clearly intended for people who are already comfortable with the field, and are looking for a new perspective, and this is a book that flows easily and quickly from topic to topic.

Order‐free Recursion on the Real Numbers

  • V. Brattka
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Math. Log. Q.
  • 1997
These functions, called order‐free recursive, can be shown to include a large class of computable functions and provide an effective version of the Stone‐Weierstraß Approximation Theorem, as well as recursive partitions of unity.

Outline of a Mathematical Theory of Computation

However, Scott does realize that the approach argued for above is simply an argument for an approach that accomodates human understanding of computation and that the operational approach must not be

Computational complexity of real functions and real numbers

Computability and complexity of real functions and real numbers are studied in a model where methods of recursive function theory as well as methods of numerical analysis can be used at a very low

A Domain-Theoretic Approach to Computability on the Real Line