Compressive high-frequency waves riding on an Alfvén/ion-cyclotron wave in a multi-fluid plasma

  title={Compressive high-frequency waves riding on an Alfv{\'e}n/ion-cyclotron wave in a multi-fluid plasma},
  author={Daniel Verscharen and Eckart Marsch},
  journal={Journal of Plasma Physics},
  pages={693 - 707}
Abstract In this paper, we study the weakly-compressive high-frequency plasma waves which are superposed on a large-amplitude Alfvén wave in a multi-fluid plasma consisting of protons, electrons, and alpha particles. For these waves, the plasma environment is inhomogenous due to the presence of the low-frequency Alfvén wave with a large amplitude, a situation that may apply to space plasmas such as the solar corona and solar wind. The dispersion relation of the plasma waves is determined from a… 
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[1] Theory and simulations predict that Alfven-cyclotron fluctuations of sufficiently short wavelengths and at propagation approximately parallel or antiparallel to the background magnetic field B o