Compressive data hiding for video signals

  title={Compressive data hiding for video signals},
  author={A. Giannoula and D. Hatzinakos},
  journal={Proceedings 2003 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. No.03CH37429)},
  • A. Giannoula, D. Hatzinakos
  • Published 2003
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2003 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. No.03CH37429)
  • Considerable research has been conducted lately on attempting to integrate the dual processes of signal compression and perceptual coding, in order to achieve high signal quality at low bit rates, while ensuring, at the same time, copyright protection of the transmitted digital media. An unconventional data hiding technique leading to compressed forms of source video signals, is introduced in this paper, where both the audio information and the chrominance (I and Q) components of the video… CONTINUE READING
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