Compressive Strength Improvement of Stabilized Peat Soil by Pond Ash - Hydrated Lime Admixture

  title={Compressive Strength Improvement of Stabilized Peat Soil by Pond Ash - Hydrated Lime Admixture},
  author={Zeety Md Yusof and Siti Nabillah Mohd Harris and Kamaruzzaman Mohamed},
  journal={Applied Mechanics and Materials},
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Rapid development in Malaysia has led to urban development encroaching into the peat land area. Nevertheless, the physical properties of peat which is regarded as a problematic ground has prompted many studies on various methods of stabilization. The used of byproduct material then become a need for a sustainable environment. This paper presents the results of the unconfined compressive test of stabilized peat by admixture method. A constant composition of pond ash as byproduct material (10… Expand
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  • Samuel Jonah Abbey
  • Materials Science
  • Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
  • 2019
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