Compressive Periodogram Reconstruction Using Uniform Binning

  title={Compressive Periodogram Reconstruction Using Uniform Binning},
  author={Dyonisius Dony Ariananda and Daniel Romero and Geert Leus},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing},
In this paper, two problems that show great similarities are examined. The first problem is the reconstruction of the angular-domain periodogram from spatial-domain signals received at different time indices. The second one is the reconstruction of the frequency-domain periodogram from time-domain signals received at different wireless sensors. We split the entire angular or frequency band into uniform bins. The bin size is set such that the received spectra at two frequencies or angles, whose… Expand
Compressive Covariance Sensing: Structure-based compressive sensing beyond sparsity
The framework described here leverages the statistical structure of random processes to enable signal compression and offers an alternative perspective at sparsity-agnostic inference. Expand
Wideband Spectrum Sensing Based on Single-Channel Sub-Nyquist Sampling for Cognitive Radio
Simulations show that mismatches in traditional parallel MCS have a serious impact on spectrum-sensing performance, while the proposed serial MCS combined with the efficient spectrum- sensing algorithm exhibits outstanding spectrum-Sensing performance at much lower computational cost. Expand
A rapid coarse-grained blind wideband spectrum sensing method for cognitive radio networks
Simulations show that the proposed method based on compressive covariance sensing for the rapid wideband spectrum sensing is suitable for fast spectral detection, and the error of spectrum analysis is basically within the acceptable range. Expand


Compressive angular and frequency periodogram reconstruction for multiband signals
  • D. D. Ariananda, Daniel Romero, G. Leus
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2013 5th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP)
  • 2013
The LS reconstruction of the periodogram is possible under the full column rank condition of the system matrix, which is achievable by designing the spatial or temporal sampling patterns based on a circular sparse ruler. Expand
Blind Multiband Signal Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing for Analog Signals
This paper describes how to choose the parameters of the multi-coset sampling so that a unique multiband signal matches the given samples, and develops a theoretical lower bound on the average sampling rate required for blind signal reconstruction, which is twice the minimal rate of known-spectrum recovery. Expand
Compressive joint angular-frequency power spectrum estimation
  • D. D. Ariananda, G. Leus
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 21st European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2013)
  • 2013
A new compressive power spectrum estimation approach in both frequency and direction of arrival (DOA) that can theoretically estimate the frequency bands and the DOAs of more uncorrelated sources than active sensors using sub-Nyquist sampling. Expand
Recovering second-order statistics from compressive measurements
  • G. Leus, Z. Tian
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2011 4th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP)
  • 2011
If the span of the random linear projections is larger than the period of the cyclostationary signals, the cyclic power spectrum can be recovered without putting any sparsity constraints on it, which allows for simple least squares reconstruction methods. Expand
Coprime sampling and the music algorithm
  • P. Pal, P. Vaidyanathan
  • Mathematics
  • 2011 Digital Signal Processing and Signal Processing Education Meeting (DSP/SPE)
  • 2011
A new approach to super resolution line spectrum estimation in both temporal and spatial domain using a coprime pair of samplers is proposed. Two uniform samplers with sample spacings MT and NT areExpand
Compressive Wideband Power Spectrum Estimation
A solution is first presented based on a periodic sampling procedure and a simple least-squares reconstruction method that is able to recover the unknown power spectrum of a wide-sense stationary signal from the obtained sub-Nyquist rate samples and the statistical properties of the estimated power spectrum. Expand
Wideband Spectrum Sensing From Compressed Measurements Using Spectral Prior Information
This paper uses the asymptotic theory of circulant matrices to propose a dimensionality reduction technique that simplifies existing structured covariance estimation algorithms, achieving a similar performance at a much lower computational cost. Expand
Cyclic spectrum reconstruction and cyclostationary detection from sub-Nyquist samples
This paper proposes sub-Nyquist sampling and cyclostationary detection, which is robust to noise and derives the minimal sampling rate allowing for perfect reconstruction of the signal's SCF in a noise-free environment and provides SCF recovery techniques. Expand
Compressive power spectral density estimation
A compressed sensing based technique that employs multi-coset sampling and produces multi-resolution power spectral estimates at arbitrarily low average sampling rates and it is shown that when the wide-sense stationary signal is spectrally sparse, compressed sensing is able to enhance the estimator. Expand
Perfect reconstruction formulas and bounds on aliasing error in sub-nyquist nonuniform sampling of multiband signals
The problem of periodic nonuniform sampling of a multiband signal and its reconstruction from the samples is examined and an explicit reconstruction formula is derived. Expand