Compression garments as countermeasures to orthostatic intolerance.

  title={Compression garments as countermeasures to orthostatic intolerance.},
  author={Steven H. Platts and Jennifer A. Tuxhorn and L. Christine Ribeiro and Michael B. Stenger and Stuart M. C. Lee and Janice V. Meck},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={80 5},
INTRODUCTION All astronauts experience some degree of orthostatic intolerance following spaceflight, ranging from tachycardia to orthostatic hypotension and syncope. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of two compression garments, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's inflatable antigravity suit (AGS) and the Russian Federal Space Agency's non-inflatable compression garment (Kentavr), to prevent hypovolemia-related orthostatic intolerance. METHODS To mimic the… CONTINUE READING