Compressibility of solid c60.

  title={Compressibility of solid c60.},
  author={J. E. Fischer and Paul A. Heiney and Andrew R. McGhie and William J. Romanow and A M Denenstein and John P. Mccauley and Amos B. Smith},
  volume={252 5010},
Room-temperature powder x-ray diffraction profiles have been obtained at hydrostatic pressures P = 0 and 1.2 gigapascals on the solid phase of cubic C(60) ("fullerite"). Within experimental error, the linear compressibility d(ln a)/dP is the same as the interlayer compressibility d(ln c)/dP of hexagonal graphite, consistent with van der Waals intermolecular bonding. The volume compressibility -d(ln V)/dP is 7.0 +/- 1 x 10(-12) square centimeter per dyne, 3 and 40 times the values for graphite… CONTINUE READING
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