Compressed mini-tablets as a biphasic delivery system.

  title={Compressed mini-tablets as a biphasic delivery system.},
  author={C M Lopes and Jos{\'e} Manuel Sousa Lobo and Jo{\~a}o V. F. Pinto and Paulo C. P. Costa},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={323 1-2},
Compressed mini-tablets systems are presented as a biphasic delivery system designed for zero-order sustained drug release. The outer layer that fills the void spaces between the mini-tablets was formulated to release the drug in a very short time (fast release), while the mini-tablets provided a prolonged release. Different composition (HPMC or EC) and number (10 or 21) of mini-tablets were used to obtain different drug release rates. The in vitro performance of these systems showed the… CONTINUE READING

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