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Comprehensive study of nuclear reactions in muon catalyzed fusion: I. dt$\mu$ system

  title={Comprehensive study of nuclear reactions in muon catalyzed fusion: I. dt\$\mu\$ system},
  author={Masayasu Kamimura and Y. Kino and Takuma Yamashita},
Muon catalyzed fusion (μCF) has recently regained considerable research interest owing to several new developments and applications. In this regard, we have performed a comprehensive study on the most important fusion reaction, namely (dtμ)J=v=0 → α + n + μ + 17.6 MeV or (αμ)nl + n + 17.6 MeV. For the first time, the coupled-channels Schrödinger equation is solved for the reaction, thereby satisfying the boundary condition for the muonic molecule (dtμ)J=v=0 as the initial state and the outgoing… 
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