Comprehensive sequence analysis of translation termination sites in various eukaryotes.

  title={Comprehensive sequence analysis of translation termination sites in various eukaryotes.},
  author={Yukiko Ozawa and Satoshi Hanaoka and Rintaro Saito and Takanori Washio and Shuji Nakano and Akira Shinagawa and Mari Itoh and Kazuhiro Shibata and Piero Carninci and Hideaki Konno and Jun Kawai and Yoshihide Hayashizaki and Motowo Tomita},
  volume={300 1-2},
Recent investigations into the translation termination sites of various organisms have revealed that not only stop codons but also sequences around stop codons have an effect on translation termination. To investigate the relationship between these sequence patterns and translation as well as its termination efficiency, we analysed the correlation between strength of consensus and translation efficiency, as predicted according to Codon Adaptation Index (CAI) value. We used RIKEN full-length… CONTINUE READING
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Evolution of the eukaryotic translation termination system: origins of release factors

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