Comprehensive analysis of gene alterations in acute megakaryoblastic leukemia of Down's syndrome


Laboratory, Salisbury, for growing and preparation of the AML1specific cosmids; the Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU), Oxford, for clinical and survival data. We are grateful to the following UKCCG cytogenetic laboratories for providing cytogenetic and FISH data as well as fixed cell suspensions: West Midlands Regional Genetics Services, Birmingham Women’s Hospital; Haematology Cytogenetics Laboratory, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff; SE Scotland Cytogenetics Services, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh; LRF Centre for Childhood Leukemia, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London; Cytogenetics Department, St James Hospital, Leeds; Merseyside & Cheshire Genetics Laboratory, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Liverpool; Oncology Cytogenetics Service, Christie Hospital, Manchester; North Trent Cytogenetics Service, Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Trust, Sheffield.

DOI: 10.1038/sj.leu.2403121


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