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Comprehensive Modeling of Graphene Resistivity

  title={Comprehensive Modeling of Graphene Resistivity},
  author={Antonino Contino and Ivan Ciofi and Xiangyu Wu and Inge Asselberghs and Christopher J. Wilson and Zsolt Tokei and Guido Groeseneken and Bart Sor{\'e}e},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Since the first graphene layer was fabricated in the early 2000's, graphene properties have been studied extensively both experimentally and theoretically. However, when comparing the many resistivity models reported in literature, several discrepancies can be found, as well as a number of inconsistencies between formulas. In this paper, we revise the main scattering mechanisms in graphene, based on theory and goodness of fit to in-house experimental data. In particular, a step-by-step… 

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