Comprehensive Bibliography

  title={Comprehensive Bibliography},
  author={Mo Adam Mahmood},
  journal={Movie Circuits},
  • M. Mahmood
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science
  • Movie Circuits
Stimulated by recent high-profile incidents, concerns about business ethics have increased over the last decade. In response, research has focused on developing theoretical and empirical frameworks to understand ethical decision making. So far, empirical studies have used traditional quantitative tools, such as regression or multiple discriminant analysis (MDA), in ethics research. More advanced tools are needed. In this exploratory research, a new approach to classifying, categorizing and… Expand
Predictors of Emotional Stress in Crime Victims: Implications for Treatment
The goal of the present study is to identify predictors of emotional stress that crime victims experience within 30 days of the crime event. A sample of 175 crime victims—86 violent and 89 nonviolentExpand
Will the Real Homosexual in the Bible Please Stand Up?
Abstract A public opinion survey and an examination of references to the Bible and homosexuality on the Web, show that the Bible has a considerable impact on peoples' attitudes regardingExpand
Increasing Private Contributions To Environmental Goods With Behavioral Insights
Privately owned lands often undersupply environmental benefits and oversupply environmental costs through land use and management decisions. Insights into human behavior suggest a range of cognitiveExpand
Emotional Responses to Suicidal Patients: Factor Structure, Construct, and Predictive Validity of the Therapist Response Questionnaire-Suicide Form
The Therapist Response Questionnaire-Suicide Form is a useful tool for the study of countertransference in the treatment of suicidal patients and may help clinicians make diagnostic and therapeutic use of their own responses to improve assessment and intervention for individual suicidal patients. Expand
The Humor of the Old South
" The humor of the Old South-tales, almanac entries, turf reports, historical sketches, gentlemen's essays on outdoor sports, profiles of local characters-flourished between 1830 and 1860. TheExpand
John Dos Passos and Harlan: Three Variations on a Theme
John Dos Passos’s three accounts of his November 1931 journey to Kentucky’s Harlan County to observe labor conditions in the coal industry exhibit a major socially committed 1930s writer trying outExpand
The Spanish Translation of "Manhattan Transfer" and Censorship
Censorship during Franco’s regime was an obstacle to the publication and circulation of books in Spain, particularly until the late 1950’s, when certain signs of a change in attitude were visible,Expand
“They Have Rewritten It All”: Film Adaptations of A Farewell to Arms
This essay examines the 1932 and 1957 film adaptations of A Farewell to Arms, not to argue for a particular interpretation, but for a way of analyzing them that can move knowledgeable readers ofExpand
Uncertain Certainity Interviews Essays And Notes On Poetry
Thank you very much for reading uncertain certainity interviews essays and notes on poetry. As you may know, people have search hundreds times for their favorite readings like this uncertainExpand
Croyances religieuses et destinées individuelles dans le roman historique traitant de l'Antiquité : (XIXe & XXe siècles)
Ce projet de these, choisi en vue de l’obtention du doctorat des litteratures francaise, francophones et comparee, consiste en une demarche litteraire comparatiste, axee sur dix romans rattaches, enExpand


Risk assessment and information systems
The paper argues the merit in interpreting risk operationally as not just inherent in certain structural features of the environment or of a project, but also arising as a result of distinctive human and organizational practices and patterns of belief and action. Expand
Using case study research to build theories of IT implementation
Using Eisenhardt’s approach as a starting point, the objective is to provide a more complete and detailed guide for using case studies to build theories within the MIS field. Expand
Social Analyses of Computing: Theoretical Perspectives in Recent Empirical Research
  • R. Kling
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • CSUR
  • 1980
The roles of computer technologies in the workplace, in decision making, in altering power relationships, and in influencing personal privacy are examined and two broad perspectives are contrasted. Expand
An attribution model of decision support systems (DSS) usage
Why it is important to consider attribution theory in deriving a DSS model is discussed and a simplistic means of applying this potentially powerful theory is suggested. Expand
The assessment of end-user training needs
If managers persist in viewing end-user training as an individual-level phenomenon, they are wasting their money and researchers who only focus on individual aspects of training are studying the wrong questions and overlooking critical organizational and strategic issues of training. Expand
Validating Instruments in MIS Research
  • D. Straub
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • MIS Q.
  • 1989
An operating paradigm for renewal along dimensions previously unstressed is offered and it is argued that confirmatory empirical findings will be strengthened when instrument validation precedes both internal and statistical conclusion validity and that, in many situations, MIS researchers need to validate their research instruments. Expand
ICIS Paper: Methodological Issues in Experimental IS Research: Experiences and Recommendations
Suggestions are offered to experimental IS researchers on how some of these common problems in experimental IS studies can be alleviated or even avoided, particularly in studies on the use of managerial graphics. Expand
End-User Computing Success Factors: Further Evidence from a Developing Nation
The rapid growth of end-user computing EUC has dramatically affected the nature of information systems in many organizations and many countries. EUC proliferation is more evident in organizations inExpand
Successfully completing case study research: combining rigour, relevance and pragmatism
The paper focuses on the pragmatics of conducting case study research, and draws from the discussion at a panel session conducted by the authors at the 8th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, September 1997, from the authors' practical experiences, and from the case studyResearch literature. Expand
Evaluation and the Impact of Information Technologies on People in Organizations
Micro-electronic-based technologies will have profound effects on the relationships between people, machines, work, and productivity. Present policies towards them, however, place an overwhelmingExpand