Comprehensive Analysis of Long-Range Connectivity from and to the Posterior Parietal Cortex of the Mouse.

  title={Comprehensive Analysis of Long-Range Connectivity from and to the Posterior Parietal Cortex of the Mouse.},
  author={Seung Wook Oh and Sook Jin Son and John A. Morris and Joon Ho Choi and Changkyu Lee and Jong-Cheol Rah},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
The posterior parietal cortex (PPC) is a major multimodal association cortex implicated in a variety of higher order cognitive functions, such as visuospatial perception, spatial attention, categorization, and decision-making. The PPC is known to receive inputs from a collection of sensory cortices as well as various subcortical areas and integrate those inputs to facilitate the execution of functions that require diverse information. Although many recent works have been performed with the… 


Architecture and organization of mouse posterior parietal cortex relative to extrastriate areas
The mouse posterior parietal cortex was delineated, revealing that extrastriate area A was largely contained within lateral PPC, that medial PPC overlapped with the anterior portion of area AM, and that anterior RL overlapped partially with area PtP.
Network Analysis of Corticocortical Connections Reveals Ventral and Dorsal Processing Streams in Mouse Visual Cortex
A high density of the cortical graph was found that exceeded that shown previously in monkey and the community structure was strongly dependent on the location of the source area: outputs from medial/anterior extrastriate areas were more strongly linked to parietal, motor, and limbic cortices, whereas lateral extrastiates were preferentially connected to temporal and parahippocampal cortices.
Cortical connectivity maps reveal anatomically distinct areas in the parietal cortex of the rat
This work used anterograde and retrograde tracers in conjunction with open source neuronal segmentation and tracer detection tools to generate whole brain connectivity maps of parietal inputs and outputs to map the connectivity of the entire anterior-posterior and medial-lateral span of this region.
Posterior parietal cortex of the rat: Architectural delineation and thalamic differentiation
The resulting delineations and specifications of connectivity with thalamic nuclei together with upcoming studies of cortical connectivity will facilitate detailed studies on the role of the subdivisions of PPC in the rat as diverse, higher order associative cortical areas, comparable to those described in the primate.
Rat posterior parietal cortex: topography of corticocortical and thalamic connections
The present study concludes that PPC is distinguished by its pattern of cortical connections with the somatic sensory, auditory and visual areas, and with areas Fr2, and VLO/MO, in addition to its exclusive thalamic connectivity with LD, LP and Po.
Gateways of Ventral and Dorsal Streams in Mouse Visual Cortex
The results support the notion that LM and AL are architecturally, topographically, and connectionally distinct areas of extrastriate visual cortex and that they are gateways for ventral and dorsal streams.
Posterior parietal cortex as part of a neural network for directed attention in rats
Distinct effects of prefrontal and parietal cortex inactivations on an accumulation of evidence task in the rat
In rats performing an auditory evidence accumulation task, inactivated the frontal orienting fields and posterior parietal cortex, two rat cortical regions that have neural correlates of accumulating evidence and that have been proposed as central to decision-making to find a minimal role for PPC in decisions guided by accumulating auditory evidence.