Comprehension deficits elicited by electrical stimulation of Broca's area.

  title={Comprehension deficits elicited by electrical stimulation of Broca's area.},
  author={L Sch{\"a}ffler and Hans Otto L{\"u}ders and Dudley S. Dinner and Ronald P. Lesser and Gordon Chelune},
  journal={Brain : a journal of neurology},
  volume={116 ( Pt 3)},
We report on three patients with intractable focal seizures arising from the language-dominant left hemisphere. In the work-up prior to surgical treatment, arrays of subdural electrodes were placed over the left temporal lobe and adjacent supra-Sylvian region. Electrical stimulation of the inferior frontal cortex language region ('Broca's area') produced marked interference with language output functions including speech arrest, slowing of oral reading, paraphasia and anomia. At some cortical… CONTINUE READING
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