Compounds in the droplets of the orb spider's viscid spiral

  title={Compounds in the droplets of the orb spider's viscid spiral},
  author={F. Vollrath and W. Fairbrother and R. Williams and E. K. Tillinghast and David T. Bernstein and K. Gallagher and M. Townley},
  • F. Vollrath, W. Fairbrother, +4 authors M. Townley
  • Published 1990
  • Biology
  • Nature
  • THE orb web of the garden spider Araneus diadematus, like those of other ecribellate orb spiders, relies on the remarkable extensibility of its sticky capture spiral to intercept and entrap prey1,2. The spiral strands consist of core fibres and an all-enveloping aqueous coat, which forms into a pattern of droplets3. The core fibres are paired and probably made of typical spider silk4,5. The aqueous solution droplets are more or less evenly spaced6 and are required to allow the special mode of… CONTINUE READING
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