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Composizione floristica dei vigneti del Cantone Ticino (Svizzera)

  title={Composizione floristica dei vigneti del Cantone Ticino (Svizzera)},
  author={Bruno Bellosi and V. Trivellone and M. Jermini and M. Moretti and Nicola Schoenenberger},
results of a floristic study within the BioDiVine project, in 48 vineyards in the Canton Ticino are presented. The study was conducted in 2011 and included two sampling campaigns, one in May-June and the other in July-August. The analysis of vegetation cover and the definition of a check-list has allowed the detection of a total of 441 taxa. The role of the terraced vineyards is highlighted, their slopes being structure-rich, they represent surfaces for the conservation of rare species and… Expand
Ritrovamento di tre specie vegetali nuove per la Svizzera e di un taxon raro considerato regionalmente scomparso
Three plant species new to Switzerland: the neophytes Acalypha australis, Cyperus difformis and Ferula communis and the rare and threatened Lythrum portula, considered regionally missing are presented. Expand
Plant Diversity in an Intensively Cultivated Vineyard Agroecosystem (Langhe, North-West Italy)
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Do vineyards in contrasting landscapes contribute to conserve plant species of dry calcareous grasslands?
The results indicate that vineyards on steep slopes could provide moderate chance for the conservation of plant specialists inhabiting calcareous dry grasslands, depending on the landscape composition: vineyards embedded in semi-natural landscapes have more potential for conservation than those in crop-dominated landscapes. Expand


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Inventaire floristique des vignes de Suisse romande: connaître la flore pour mieux la gérer
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