Compositional analysis of tubers from insect and virus resistant potato plants.

  title={Compositional analysis of tubers from insect and virus resistant potato plants.},
  author={Glennon J Rogan and J T Bookout and David R. Duncan and Roy L. Fuchs and Paul B. Lavrik and Stephen Love and M R Mueth and Tammy Olson and Eleanor Owens and Pierre J. Raymond and Jaroslaw Zalewski},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={48 12},
Genetically modified potato plants that are resistant to the Colorado potato beetle, plus either the potato leaf roll virus or potato virus Y, have recently been commercialized. As part of the safety assessment for plants produced by modern biotechnology, the composition of the food/feed must be compared to that of the food/feed produced by an equivalent… CONTINUE READING



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