Compositional Synthesis of Maximally Permissive Supervisors Using Supervision Equivalence


This paper presents a general framework for efficient synthesis of supervisors for discrete event systems. The approach is based on compositional minimisation, using concepts of process equivalence. In this context, a large number of ways are suggested how a finite-state automaton can be simplified such that the results of supervisor synthesis are preserved. The proposed approach yields a compact representation of a least restrictive supervisor that ensures controllability and nonblocking. The method is demonstrated on a simple manufacturing example to significantly reduce the number of states constructed for supervisor synthesis.

DOI: 10.1007/s10626-007-0018-z

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@article{Flordal2007CompositionalSO, title={Compositional Synthesis of Maximally Permissive Supervisors Using Supervision Equivalence}, author={Hugo Flordal and Robi Malik and Martin Fabian and Knut {\AA}kesson}, journal={Discrete Event Dynamic Systems}, year={2007}, volume={17}, pages={475-504} }