Composition of the Essential Oil from Leaves of Tagetes zipaquinensis Hump. et Bonpl. Grown in Colombia

  title={Composition of the Essential Oil from Leaves of Tagetes zipaquinensis Hump. et Bonpl. Grown in Colombia},
  author={Diana C. Hern{\'a}ndez-Lozano and John Fontecha-Garc{\'i}a and Andr{\'e}s F. Peralta-Boh{\'o}rquez and Clara E. Quijano-Cel{\'i}s and Gustavo Morales and Jorge A. Pino},
  journal={Journal of Essential Oil Research},
  pages={371 - 372}
Abstract The composition of the essential oil from leaves of Tagetes zipaquinensis Hump. et Bonpl. was analyzed by GC and combined GC/MS. Sixty-three constituents were identified which constitute 97% of the total composition. Major compounds in the leaf oil were dihydro-tagetone (55.8%) and (Z)-β-ocimene (18.8%). 
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